About us

Quality is the hallmark of our Curriculum — our motivation is enjoying moving and maintaining health.

We offer highly focused training courses in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali — a Filipino style of martial arts — in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our training covers self-defense, self-affirmation, martial arts, movement art (Bewegungskunst), and healing arts.


Our head trainer, Dipita Schäfer, currently holds the highest Tuhon ranking in Pekita-Tirsia Kali in Europe. As the direct student of Grandtuhon Leo. T. Gaye, he represents his teacher’s family-friendly style in Europe.


All of our instructors abide by Grandtuhon Leo T.Gaye Jr.’s philosophy of “learning to teach and teach to learn.” We do our best to instill this in our students and allow all levels to train together.


In the healing arts, we mainly practice tai chi and qigong. We practice once a month in an intensive group led by Dipita. Our running courses on Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, tai chi, and qigong are open to students with no prior experience.



Our dedicated team of instructors ensures the quality of training at BerlinKaliSchool.