Kids Training

Programs for children at BerlinKaliSchool encourage active parent involvement, which reaffirms Pekiti-Tirsia Kali as a “family system.” Training together will equip you and your family with better tools to take control over your daily lives in a healthy and successful way.


In our programs, we teach the following principles:


Trust yourself and your abilities


At our school, you will learn how to move more effectively. We will teach you how to run, jump, climb, and fall better. Within the scope of our escape training, you will learn how to effectively escape dangerous situations. By running away, you will improve your 360° view and learn how to gauge dangerous situations.

Make your voice heard loud and clear


Our training will give you the confidence to use your voice to set boundaries or get help.


Self-defense and clear body language


We will teach you how to free yourself from an opponent’s grasp. You will also learn how to solve physical conflicts using self-defense. At the beginning, you will train with sticks to learn the movements of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.

You will learn basic patterns of movement early on through playful interactions. To really “let off steam,” we will hit the training pads.