Start the day fit!

Together, we will increase your strength and stamina. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, we will find the right program for your personal training.


After one training session with us, you will forget the feeling of lethargy. Your body will feel light and relaxed, and you can begin your day with a smile.

About me

My name is Dipita Schäfer. I’m a certified trainer under the guidelines of the Federal Sports Association for Health and Fitness (LSB für Gesundheit und Fitness). I lived and trained in Asia for several years to deepen my knowledge of the art. My path led me to China — from the Shaolin monks in the North to the Taiji monks of the Wudang Mountains in the South — and finally, to the Philippines to study Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (a Philippine martial art).

My offer

Stretching Course


  • Increased flexibility and physical well-being 

  • Boosting healing processes in the body 


Strength Training

  • Strength training for the entire body 

  • Muscle definition


Running and Conditioning

  • Running (short-time, middle-time, long-time endurance) 

  • Movement correction when walking and running to avoid injury 


  • System of maintaining health and life care

  • Increasing inner equilibrium, serenity, and flexibility 

  • Improving coordination and balance 

  • Correcting body posture


  • Finding one’s center and inner peace 

  • Breathing course


Tai chi (Taijiquan), Baguazhang


  • Chinese movement and martial art that draws upon knowledge of Chinese medicine  

  • Gives students of every age the strength to enjoy their lives to the fullest and in a healthy way 

  • Harmonizes energy (qi) on a spiritual and physical level


Pekiti-Tirsia Kali/Self-Defense

  • A compact and comprehensive combat system. It includes all phases of self-defense and self-assuredness: from early recognition and evasion to long-range and mid-range fighting, right up to close-range and ground fighting.