In our FOR-U-seminar series, you can learn Pekiti-Tirsia Kali from basic to expert level. FOR-U stands for functional, operable, reliable, and usable. That means that all FOR-U-seminars are geared towards teaching you Pekiti-Tirsia Kali in a way that incorporates these four traits.


The FOR-U-seminar series is divided into three areas: 

FOR-U-Instructor Program


This seminar series is for those who want to become a trainer of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. In our seminars, you will familiarize yourself with our curriculum—from yakan to mataas na guro. The series presents material relevant to each rank. For quality control, only those who have achieved the appropriate rank are allowed to attend certain seminars. However, participating in seminars for yakan ranking requires no previous experience. 

FOR-U-Self-Defense, Self-Protection, and Self-Assuredness


These seminars are open to everyone and do not require previous experience. In our seminars, you will learn how to defend yourself effectively. We will teach you how to use your voice to defend yourself and to plan and ensure your escape. Also we will show you how to defend yourself when you are being held down or strangled. One component of the seminar series deals with defending yourself against multiple opponents as well as defending yourself on the ground. Furthermore, you will train how to deal with situations that involve cutting or stabbing weapons. You will also work on how to use legal self-defense weapons, such as pepper spray or tasers. This series will teach you to exercise good habits that will help protect you effectively.

FOR-U-Women’s Self-Defense

These seminars are geared towards women and girls who would rather begin their self-defense training in a women’s group. In this series, you will learn how to analyze and gauge situations. You will adopt good habits that will help you avoid danger and defend yourself in every situation. You will also learn how to seek and give help. Furthermore, you will train how to avoid danger, negotiate, escape, and—when necessary—attack. In our FOR-U-women’s self-defense seminars, you will also learn how to use objects you carry around with you for self-defense, such as your purse, scarf, or umbrella.

For quality control, seminars are limited to a maximum of 30 participants. Seminar participation—as well as passed exams—will be recorded in a seminar book. The seminar book is available upon request. Those who want to pass into a certain rank can schedule an exam with Tuhon Dipita.