Taichichuan (taijiquan) is a Chinese martial art, movement art (Bewegungskunst), and healing art. Health is at the core of the discipline. Training in one’s sequence of movement (form) purifies, strengthens, and keeps the body healthy. Those who practice taichichuan become well acquainted with their bodies and their movements and can harmonize their energy (qi) on both a spiritual and physical level. 


The patterns of movement are based on knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and protect the body in the holistic sense. Taichichuan helps students develop the strength to enjoy their lives to the fullest and in a healthy way.


Qigong is the art of feeling within oneself. Qi stands for “energy,” and gong means “work.” In essence, it means “work with energy.” Qigong gives students the tools to explore and learn how to control their energy.

Important goals in qigong are understanding how energy enters and leaves the body, how it is conserved, how it is connected with the body, and how it can be further developed.